Computer Lab – March 3, 2016

The story is about Black History Month and a special woman.  She is 106 years old.  She has seen many historic changes during her life.  Please choose a level to read and watch a video.

Black History Month – News In Levels

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Black History Month – level 3

Black History Month - level 3

01-03-2016 15:00Level 1Level 2Level 3


“How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

She’s waited over a century to see a black president in office, so how else do you celebrate meeting Obama then to dance?

“She’s dancing. C’mon! So what’s the secret to still dancing at 106?”

And that’s exactly what 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin did. So excited was the South Carolina native to meet the US president and first lady, that she couldn’t help but bust out some moves. Having lived through segregation and the civil rights movement, Virginia expressed her amazement and gratitude at meeting Obama.

“I tell you, I am so happy.”

“We are happy to have you.”

“A black president!”

“Look at him.”


Mrs McLaurin filed a White House petition in 2014, saying she’d love to meet Obama and his family, and her request was heard. As part of Black History Month, the White House had been hosting events to celebrate African Americans past and present who shaped the US.

And after her hundred-year wait, Virginia made sure she made an effort for her memorable trip to the White House.

“Look at those nails! Woo-hoo!”

Difficult words: native (a local citizen), bust out (to do something special), segregation (the separation of black and white people in the USA), gratitude (being thankful), file (to submit, to send, to put in), a petition (request), make an effort (to try hard).


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Very Hot Weather in India | level 2

1-06-2015 07:00  Level 1Level 2Level 3

Temperatures in India soared to 47°C in some parts of the country. The heat claimed 1,700 lives in just one week. It was so hot that even the roads melted.

The electricity grid was overused, and tens of thousands of people were left without power supply. Hospitals struggled to help all he people who are sick because of the extreme weather.

People should stay out of the sun, cover their heads and drink a lot of water. Cooler, rainy weather is on its way to India, but it will be weeks before the whole subcontinent cools down.

Difficult words: soar (to increase, go up), melt (to change from a solid thing to a thing that is like water), struggle (to do something difficult and to have problems doing it).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Story and video from:

Quiz by Toni

1. What is India?

 a city
 a state
 a country

2. What was the weather like in India?

 very rainy
 very cold
 very hot

3. It was so hot that 1,700 people __________  in one week.

 got sick

4. When people were left without power supply, they didn’t have _______________.


5. The hospitals struggled to help people.  It was ___________ to help people.

 very easy
 not inportant
 very difficult

6. Many people were ___________ because of the extremely hot weather.


7. Different weather is on its way to India.  It will be ________________.

 extreme weather
 very hot
 cooler and rainy

8. When the weather is very hot people should __________________.

 drink a lot water
 stay in the sun
 sit outside

9. It was very hot in India.  The roads melted.  The roads were ___________.

 like water
 a lot of cars

10. When the temperature soars it goes ________ a lot.  It gets very hot.


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Try Again


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B.B. King is Dead | level 2

21-05-2015 07:00 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

The King of Blues, guitarist and singer BB King, died. He was 89 years old.

He influenced a generation of rock guitarists and was one of the world’s best guitarists. King performed in at least a hundred concerts a year.

Recently, he had an illness and people took him to hospital. Earlier this month, he said on Facebook that he was in hospice care at home. He died in his sleep in Las Vegas.


There will be a quiz – I will make it today


Difficult words: influence (to change something or to inspire somebody), hospice care (care for people who are going to die soon).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Source:  News In Levels



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B.B. King is Dead | level 2 originally published on Practice Your English

Video song lyric quizzes

Listen to the video, then listen again and answer questions on this website: Syoneda

Pick 3 songs.  Write down the name of the songs in your notebooks.

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